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Why A One Page Website

A single page website design aims to provide the perfect amount of information for a user to make a decision and act upon it. A single page website has no additional pages and tries as much as possible to focus the user’s attention on the most important content.

Mission Statement

I stand by my high standards in producing creative, effective websites for my clients.


I have been creating high-quality websites for over ten years and guarantee my work.

A single page website design often is suitable for most businesses and is an economic way to build your business.

You can have a custom-made site made to your specificatoins in one week or less.  I guarantee my work and am only a phone call away for help.

I stand by my work and have a list of very happy customers to share with you.  Refer to the testimonials below.

Frequently Asked Questions

The design and creation of a one page website design is a back-and-forth system.  The client has a need for a website and would suggest to the webmaster just what kind of look he or she would like.  The webmaster, in turn, creates what he thinks the client desires and the client then would review the creation.  He or she then would make recommendations for design changes here and there.  The webmaster would then attempt to create the new specifications.  And, the process would continue until the client was satisfied.

Contact Me

What are the pricing plans for a one page website design?

The cost of a one page website is $159.  This does not include the domain name purchase and yearly renewal of same.

What is the cost of a domain and what is a domain?

A domain is the name of your website address.  An example of a domain is —  The yearly cost of a domain name is $15.

What would be the cost for an additional page on my website?

Each additional page would cost $99.

Please fill out the contact form on your left with any questions you may have. Drop me a line anytime, and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

I will never sell or share your information with anyone else!

I can create a beautiful website for you that will make you proud and also help to promote your business.

First, let me tell you that I believe my recent upsurge in business is due largely to your handling of my web site. You created a wonderful three-page, multi use site for a great, low price. Now, instead of spending valuable time on the phone explaining the nightly events and times at Mystic, I simply direct my customers and prospects to

That’s all great, but what separates your business from the others, is that you take it personally, and seriously. You spend the time it takes to allow my customers to access and participate in the pages, and to provide them the information needed to visit my store.

Mystic Ice Cream owes you a great debt of gratitude. The most recent addition of a Page One video clip of a night at Mystic has gotten rave reviews. Heck, I even visit it to watch!

Thanks again Dave, for a continuing job well done.

Mystic Ice Cream

David Schofield, One Page Website webmaster, has created and maintained a website for my PowerPoint presentations. The website for your reference is: Don Wyman Presents. He has maintained, tweaked, updated and manipulated every screen in the website as new information became available. And, he always did it quickly, seamlessly, and cheerfully.

I would definitely recommend David as a webmaster to anyone contemplating a website. No one would be easier to work with or as committed to the highest quality product as he is.

Dr. Donald Paul Wyman

I would recommend One Page Website design to anyone in need of a website. I was very pleased with the outcome of the site and how quickly they responded to my needs. I was also satisfied on their follow-up on how many “hits” were made on my site on a weekly basis.

Thanks again to One Page Website design for all their help. My site can be viewed at The Car Deal Negotiator.

Bill Palli, Villages Resident

See my latest site that I created for “Operation Shoebox In The Villages” at Operation Shoebox is a 501 (C) 3 Nonprofit whose mission is to provide support to our troops deployed outside of the United States. Our care packages are filled with requested items from our troops to help them get through their deployment but more importantly to let them know they are thought of and cared about. This could come in the form of coffee, socks, hygiene items and letters of encouragement. We appreciate our men and women who serve our country and are committed to serving those that serve us.